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Well, any opportunity to run around, look cute and have fun with the person you're about to marry is awesome in my opinion. But there are even more reasons why an engagement session is a good idea.

  1. Get to know your photographer. Chances are, we haven't met yet. We've probably had a chat on email or the phone, but we haven't had the chance to work together. The engagement session gives us an hour with no real pressure to get to know each other better and hang out! This way, when I show up to your wedding day, it's like we've been friends forever and you'll both be that much more comfortable around me on the big day.
  2. See what it's like to work together. You'll get to learn my style of posing and prompting, and ideally you'll realize, "wow, taking pics is so fun!!" My goal is always to ensure that you have a great time! I know taking photos can be so weird, so I always say just embrace it. If you feel awkward, laugh. Kinda what I want from you guys in photos anyways. I want to capture your most authentic selves, so I will make it a fun and comfortable experience so I can really capture your relationship in its genuine form. I swear, I've had a lot of guys tell me they had fun at the end of an engagement session - mission accomplished!
  3. Gain confidence. Not only do you get to learn my style of posing, you'll both get the extra experience of being in front of the camera. After a whole hour of engagement photos, you'll be a total pro for the wedding portraits.
  4. Save the dates. At the end of the day, you'll cherish these photos from this exciting time in your life. You can then use them for save the dates or your wedding website. Also love seeing them printed as a guestbook for guests to sign at the wedding! Either way, you'll always have these photos to look back on.


I would start out by thinking of places that are meaningful to you as a couple. Is there somewhere you walk your dog every weekend? Where did you meet? Do you love going to the beach for sunset together?

I want to capture you two as authentically as I can, so if we are somewhere that represents your life together, that just makes it that much easier!

the big one - what do we wear?

The main thing here is be comfortable and true to yourself! Stick to an outfit that represents you and that you feel good in. Engagement sessions do involve a lot of movement, whether you're strolling, spinning, dancing, or maybe even piggy backing! You don't want to be in something that restricts you from letting loose and being yourself. With that said, you can always bring two outfits! I love having a casual look and a more formal one. Maxi dresses or skirts move beautifully in photos and then you can throw on a cute top and some jeans to sit on the beach in.

Colors and patterns. Although neutrals always photograph well, don't be afraid of a color or pattern pop. Just make sure it meshes well with whatever your partner is wearing. Avoid both of you being in bright or patterned things. Choosing a color palette and sticking to it is always the way to go.

Take your surroundings into account. If we're doing a beach session, I really do love the classic look of some whites, blues, browns. Maybe even sage greens. Or, take advantage of the subtle beach colors and contrast them with a more bold color.

If we're shooting around all the beautiful blooms Nantucket offers in the summer, I would suggest sticking to softer colors so your photos don't become overwhelmed with tons of different, vibrant colors.

When should we take our photos?

If you are planning to use these photos for Save the Dates, book the engagement photos at least six months out. My turnaround is about 2-3 weeks, so take that into account as well. This is also a great time to schedule your hair + make up trial, so that you're hair and make up can be done professionally for the photo session!

As for which season, that kind of depends on the vibe you're going for! Are you into beaches, flowers, wearing a summery dress? Or are you all about the fall colors and cute sweaters and booties? I would choose the season you like best first and then narrow it down from there.

As for lighting, I will always suggest golden hour, which is the hour before sunset. However, if it's a cloudy day (great lighting) we can really get away with any time of day.


Yourselves! That's really the main focus here...and maybe the new accessory on your left hand. :) But, seriously, we are here to capture you two and celebrate your recent engagement!! You don't need to worry about bringing anything, but if you want to have some fun celebratory photos, I am never opposed to a champagne bottle pop.

You can also bring a blanket if you want to incorporate some shots of you two sitting together on the beach or wherever we do your session. If you have a furry family member, they are also always welcome to tag along!

all in all, engagement sessions are meant to be fun

and come with the perk of capturing the memories of such an exciting time in your lives. If I left anything out, or if you have any more questions for me, please reach out. I'm here to help and I can't wait to start on this journey with you!